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Before the creation of the world, we were all but one sound and that's why my parents named me Dhwani. Little did they know that I would grow up to be the thing they dreaded the most - an Artist. Yes, I am a Professional Anchor based in the City of Dreams or rather, City of Traffic you can say, Mumbai. My blood group is talent positive which is why I have hosted more than 100x10 shows in the span of 3+3 years. I can jot down a long list of famous people for whom I have hosted shows, but I guess, I will let my Showreel do the talking. If you need an Anchor for Cooking, Travel, Live, Sports or Talk Shows or an Actor for TVC’s, or maybe a Daydreamer, then I am the perfect candidate.

My qualifications include:
- Certified Moonwalker.
- Gold Medalist at Over-Eating.
- Grammy Award Winner (in a Parallel Universe).